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Welcome to Chessboard Wiki (beta)

If you're a chess player who is looking to understand how an expert thinks, this wiki is for you.

Ever read a book on chess where they show a position on a board, and then the text says, "Obviously P-E6 is a bad move, because then K-E7, Q-D3; N-D4, N-E6; KxN!" ?

I can't ever follow those little chains of figures. So I created this wiki to make that sort of analysis a little more straightforward. In addition to regular wiki pages, the wiki contains Position Pages. These are pages with a specific URL format that represents a position of a chessboard. The position is shown directly on the page so you can refer to it as you add, edit, or just read commentary on that particular position.

Wonder what happens if you make a specific move? Click a piece on the chessboard, and click a square to move the piece. You'll be redirected to another position page that reflects the updates position, and you can read - or create - the analysis that goes along with that position.

Try it! Go to the starting position of a standard chess game.

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